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Source Sans

As with our logo, the consistent use of our house font Source Sans reinforces the brand identity of “Wer liefert was”.
Source Sans Pro is a serif typeface with a humanistic look. The slightly narrow letters of Source Sans Pro are ideal for user interfaces which offer little space. Source Sans works in print media just as well as it does on the screen.

Source Sans is also available as a webfont and can be found on Google Fonts.
Source Sans webfont

Source Sans Pro

Examples of Source Sans

Source Sans A-Z and numbers

Source Sans A-Z, numbers, and special characters

Print media

In print media, we use a wide range of font widths: Light, regular, semibold, bold and black. We always try to keep the typography light/airy.

  • Top headlines should be set in Source Sans Light.
  • Source Sans Regular is used for the continuous text.
  • We use Source Sans Bold to establish a hierarchy and occasionally to emphasize/highlight text.
  • Source Sans Black is used very sparingly, especially for special items such as eyecatchers.
  • Source Sans Italics is used for emphasis/highlighting - but only in light and regular.
  • Source Sans SemiBold Italic and Source Sans Bold Italic are not used.
Font weights


Digital media

The following weights for the in-house font Source Sans are used in digital media: Light, Regular and Semibold.
The font sizes for the screen follow a harmonious gradation. This facilitates the organization of content and creates a balanced typographic hierarchy. Our largest sizes - Kilo, Mega and Giga - should be used sparingly and only for special content such as “large numbers”.

Source Sans Pro

Font weights and sizes for digital media

Fallback font: Arial

To ensure maximum compatibility with browsers and operating systems, Arial is set as the fallback font for the website. Arial is a sans-serif font and can be used without time-consuming adjustments because of the similarity of its tracking.
Arial is used whenever no webfont can be loaded, for example for e-mail newsletters or e-mail communication.

Fallback fonts


CSS font stack

font-family: "Source Sans Pro", Arial, "Helvetica Neue", Helvetica, sans-serif;

Text alignment

Continuous text is always left-aligned (ragged).
There are a few exceptions for the use of centered text: large numbers, key points in connection with an icon/symbol, eyecatchers and landing page headings.


Left-aligned body text


Centered text



Do not right-align text


Do not justify text

Text on color

It is permitted to set white text on dark colors. We would, however, recommend limiting this to headlines and short texts.
Colored text may not be set on a colored background.
Only exception: the URL in wlw green is placed on wlw blue.

Fallback fonts

White text on color background

Fallback fonts

URL in green on blue is allowed

Fallback fonts

Color text on color background


Never add shadows to the text