Slogan and URL

Use of slogan and URL

Use of slogan in print media
In addition to the word and figurative mark, the brand slogan “the leading B2B marketplace” is used for print media. The logo is always used with the slogan. For the print area, the short URL is also used alongside the slogan.

  • The URL is shown in bold and in “Wer liefert was” green.
  • Three spaces between the slogan and URL clearly separate the two elements.

The position of slogan and URL in the layout

Position 1
Our brand slogan is positioned to the left of the logo. If there are multiple URLs, these are positioned on separate lines

If the logo is used at 100% size, the font size is 13.5 pt and the line spacing 15.75 pt.
In this case, the top of the uppercase letters is aligned with the baseline of the word “WER” in the logo.
The baseline of the second line is aligned with the baseline of the word “WAS”.

The distance between the logo and the right-hand edge of the claim is 75% of the width of the green square in the logo.


Position 2
The brand claim can also be used as a heading in the footer if there is other text, such as an address block.

This position can also be used if the slogan is shown without the logo (see as an example the footer of our website).