The “Wer liefert was” style guide

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Visual appearance of “Wer liefert was”

The present style guide gives an overview of the structure and elements of the corporate design of “Wer liefert was”. It serves as a guide for the creation of printed and digital means of communication and helps at the same time to ensure that the appearance of the company is both consistent and vibrant across all media.

Corporate design is the visual expression of the identity and character of a company. Consistent use at every level of communication ensures continuity and enhances brand awareness. In addition to information on the application of our corporate design for printed materials, this style guide also provides assistance in the design of digital formats. The style guide doesn’t claim to be exhaustive and doesn’t therefore cover all applications.

In this style guide you will find all the important documents to download. Explanatory texts and pictures are intended to help you to correctly use the tools for the design of our look (logo, colors, typography, etc.).