Design principles

Our design principles serve as a guide for the development of ideas and the design of our products. They are a collection of easy-to-grasp concepts which are intended to contain information about the design process and to reflect our services.

The design principles help us and our external partners to take account of certain values and comply with quality requirements. We use them both internally and externally.

We bring people together

We see design as a means to establish relationships between people.

Our design helps them to connect, which is why the needs of our users are just as important to us as our business needs.

We think “human-to-human”.

We create relevance

We thrive on high-quality data. We convert data into information that helps our users find solutions to their tasks.

We want to understand the user context: What does the user do beforehand, afterwards, next? Where is he, in which surroundings, and what kind of device is he using?

We ensure that information is complete and up to date.

We facilitate success

We recognize the behavior and the expectations of our users in advance. We offer the best options for the next step. If possible, we personalize the user experience.

Our design recognizes the need for speed: We provide easy-to-find information and make it easier for the user to find her way.

We don’t waste any “user” time: We offer design solutions that require little space and thereby optimize performance.

We keep our design simple

We make every contact with wlw easy.

Our designs are easy to read and accessible, and have a clear hierarchy. The words we use are short and clear.

Our users shouldn’t have to think, which means we reduce the need for the user to learn or remember things.

Our credo is “show don't tell”.

We iterate

We start small and think big.

We launch products when they’re good and review and revise them until they’re brilliant.

We try out new things, are up with the times and are agile. In this way we respond quickly to problems and promptly implement solutions.