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"Wer liefert was" – position

We’ve been a marketplace for generations already – and always the next generation.

Founded in 1932, back then we were the first to offer a directory for business customers. With the exception of this core segment, we’ve always reinvented ourselves and seized upon new technologies, such as the CD-ROM in 1986 and the Internet starting in 1995.




This joy in our own evolution has transformed us into an internet company – our digital transformation is already complete. This is something we can be proud of.

What does it mean to be Europe's most comprehensive B2B marketplace?

We’re currently well-established in German, Austria and Switzerland. 540,000 companies have us present their products, making us the largest B2B platform in German-speaking Europe. Yet we’ve moved well beyond simply serving as a directory and offer high-quality business presentations and contacts. With over ten thousand new products each day and a million products total, we offer the largest marketplace for B2B products.




products daily

This figure is impressive on its own – but our mission is to provide comprehensive coverage of the market in order to really bring together the best suppliers and prospective customers. And only if we maintain the same superior data quality will we experience the ongoing success that will enable us to grow.

Our position

Europe's most comprehensive B2B marketplace