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"Wer liefert was" – mission

How do I actually get to know new business contacts?

We have a clear mission: to bring together the best suppliers and buyers. Essentially, we ensure that two people with a “shared business future” meet.

In order to bring about new business relationships in the best way possible, namely, that actually leads to a transaction, we do everything in our power to optimize the visibility and availability of our customers’ B2B products online.

Finding a perfect fit makes people happy.

Much like a matchmaking platform, we are dedicated to finding the “best match” and have a great responsibility for making this possible. We have to build trust by assessing the qualities of the market stakeholders. And we always have to ask ourselves how we can collect, distribute, update, present and compare products in an even better way.

To date, we’ve done a very good job at this. If we continue to succeed at this, surely no one will make us a marriage proposal, but they will be very happy to have found us.

Our mission

Bring together the best suppliers and buyers by making B2B products optimal visible and findable online.